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Demand Flex

We continue to support Aotearoa’s decarbonisation journey to better utilise renewable energy and its move away from fossil fuels.

Back in 2019 our Palmerston North site signed up to Demand Flex and this year our Mt Wellington site also jumped on board.

Demand Flex is all about providing power back to the grid during periods of high consumption, reducing the need to switch to non-renewable energy sources to meet market demand for energy.

When required, it automatically switches off specified equipment, reducing the load. This energy is then diverted or ‘given back to the grid’.

“The system has been running seamlessly and smoothly since it was installed. It’s a real buzz for our people knowing we’re giving back to the grid when its needed” says Mohammed Khan, Palmerston North Site Manager.

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Māui drone gets off the ground

Back in February this year the Māui drone project was officially launched by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Minister for Oceans and Fisheries David Parker.

The Māui Drone Project is a collaboration between MAUI63, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and WWF-New Zealand, supported by Moana and Sanford.

MAUI63, a non-profit organisation, has combined a large drone with artificial intelligence (AI) to find and track Māui dolphins. The Māui Drone Project will help to fill critical science gaps about the mammal’s distribution and how they use their habitat.

This data will help policy-makers, scientists, the fishing industry, the public, and others to ensure ongoing effective protection of this critically endangered species.

Māui Drone

Minister Parker says the drone will provide powerful and unparalleled access to important information about Māui dolphins, at a fraction of the cost of other data collection methods.

A.I. will uniquely identify individuals via fin markings and will be able to distinguish between adults and calves.

Moana CEO Steve Tarrant says supporting innovation that aligns with the company’s values is important.

Kaitiakitanga is at the forefront of our kaupapa, so when we heard about the Māui Drone Project we threw our support behind the research team. We all have a role to play in protecting these taonga species.
STEVE TARRANT, Chief Executive Officer, MOANA

Every drone 25kgs or above needs to go through a special and regular certification process before it’s allowed to fly, proving it’s safe for use. Having received CAA approval the drone is up in the air and pilots are currently building up flight time.

We look forward to bringing you more developments in the near future.

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