He moana pukepuke e ekengia e te waka - a choppy sea can be navigated

01 - Annual Integrated Report 2023

A choppy sea can be navigated

01 - Annual Integrated Report 2023

He moana pukepuke e ekengia e te waka

Welcome to our Integrated Annual Report

This year, our whakataukī embodies the energy from the currents that flow through our world. Where this energy gives, it can also take, so we remain steadfast navigating through these waters.

Embedded is the strength and determination of the people at Moana New Zealand working together to cross, at times, choppy waters and represented through the illustrative design of the hoe (oar) which has been created by acclaimed Māori artist Tim Worrall.

Moana New Zealand is a 100% Iwi-owned organisation bound by our values of manaakitanga (looking after our people our way), whakatipuranga (prosperity for future generations), whakapapa (our genealogy - where we’re from) and kaitiakitanga (custodians for our future generations). Everything we do, we take a long-term view in our approach.

A Moana fishing vessel

Moana New Zealand marked a milestone year with the business entering a long-term agreement for Sanford’s inshore Annual Catch Entitlement making Moana New Zealand the largest inshore fishing company in Aotearoa.

In line with our Iwi ownership, we honour our shareholders by publishing the report in both English and Te Reo Māori.

Thank you for taking the time to understand Moana New Zealand, our people and what we strive to achieve on behalf of, and for, our Iwi owners.

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Who we are

— true provenance
hāngai ki te ūkaipō

We fish and harvest solely from the coastal waters of New Zealand, Aotearoa. One of the world’s most pristine and sustainably managed fisheries. Connecting you to the taste of a true and pure place.

— true to nature
takenga tūturu

Bringing you New Zealand’s most sought after species of pāua kahurangi, pāua tūwā, ika, kōura and tio. Seafood as good as it can be, brought to market with a lightness of touch that preserves and protects its pure taste and rare magic. Like you were there and caught it yourself.

— true for generations
mō ngā uri whakatipu

We have a deep sense of responsibility and respect for our kaimoana, honouring the taonga we have been entrusted with. Taking a long term view in everything we do, we work in harmony with nature to ensure the sustainability of our fisheries for future generations.

How we create value

Our purpose

As guardians of Māori fishing assets we are dedicated to contributing to the well-being of future generations.

Our vision

We connect the world to the true taste and rare magic of New Zealand’s best kaimoana and kai ora.

This image depicts our Moana brand story, launched in 2016
This image depicts our Moana brand story, launched in 2016
Our tikanga
— everything we do is underpinned by our values

— Financial, manufactured


An enduring balanced portfolio positioned for growth that is underpinned by visionary and innovative leadership, that delivers long-term sustainable well-being for future generations. Investments we make have a long-term view.

  • Annual dividend
  • Maximum utilisation of assets
  • Continuous improvement culture
  • Investment in infrastructure to enable growth

— Intellectual, social and relationship


Collaborative approach to maintaining and developing an ingrained understanding of who we are, the needs and aspirations of our people, our shareholders and stakeholders. The investment in our people, technology and innovation to honour the settlement of fisheries assets on behalf of Iwi.

  • Revitalisation of Te Reo Māori with our people
  • Providing bespoke business models and opportunities for shareholders
  • Strong partnerships within shareholders and industry

— Human, social and relationship


The care we have for our people and the creation and nurturing of meaningful relationships and partnerships to enable an enduring industry.

  • Keeping our people safe – zero harm culture
  • Hikoi ki te Ora – well-being programme
  • Training and development programme
  • Free health insurance for all permanent employees
  • Scholarships and development opportunities for rangatahi

— Natural


Being responsible and active custodians of the taonga that has been entrusted to us to manage and protect on behalf of our Iwi shareholders.

  • Collaborative fisheries management
  • Environmental improvements from innovative farming and harvesting practices
  • Carbon neutral by 2040
  • Development of decarbonisation roadmap


Long term value creation for our shareholders and stakeholders, including the communities we operate in.

Our Year